BIG CREEK Trail System

Club Rides

Advanced OHV Training

Get your club or organized group together to have a full day ride and a great night of camping at BIG CREEK.  We will guide you through, showing the best of the types of trails your group is looking for.  New for 2017: Clubs 'Self Led' Rides  Rocks? Hill Climbs? Winching? Off Cambers? Challenging or Easier Trails? BIG CREEK has what your club wants or needs! We can be hands-on or hands-off.

We can arrange -Games, Quests, Catered Food, Camping and more!  Shelter and Trailer parking available on-site.

At BIG CREEK we have designed these trails with training in mind! We use this trail system on a regular basis to train Civilians and the US Military proper off-road driving skills. Tight, technical and challenging; these trail were made for training. We have an open grass field with large shelter for group instruction and specifically designed 'Winch Hills' with recovery training of utmost importance.